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Fail to prep then prepare to FAIL

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I am a strong believer in preparing things for success! Does that mean you have to be perfect at it? NO! Does that mean you have to stop making excuses for why you can't do it and start somewhere? Hell yes! I am not one to preach what I don't pray so to speak. I intend to do everything I always tell my clients to do. I have a busy life, kids, business, training, dogs, parenting plans, dealing with ex's and all that B.S. we all sometimes paint ourselves a victim too! Well, your body is only responding to what outward behavior you are displaying. You put 20 cookies in your mouth because you're starving due to not preparing your food for the day, your body will respond appropriately! It may be a sugar spike and crash or you may gain weight! It doesn't care that you had to take the kids to school, the dogs to the groomer, get to your lady doctor appointment, reply to that email your ex sent you days ago about switching weekends and deal with a narcissistic boss who believes the world revolves around them! Nope.... your body doesn't know that crap nor does it care! My point is short and sweet, Prep your shit! If you want to stay on track and get that body you dream of and have all the things you keep telling yourself you're too busy to achieve then you gotta do it! I prep on Sundays and that's it! Its the easiest for me! I freeze all my meals and take them out the night before. Thats what works for me. Others may like things done differently and are able to make each meal to order, that isn't me! I have all the things that come up in life just as much as the next person, but the difference is I do the things I don't care to do because my "why" is bigger than all the excuses I can make. So, make a plan, stick to the plan! You will without a doubt succeed in all your health and fitness goals by getting this simple but not easy discipline down! You"ll be glad you did!

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